Apocalypse Detachment Box Sets Part 1 : Money Saving Madness

The end is upon us and with it comes some new Apocalypse Detachment Box Sets.  Continuing the Warhammered July theme we take a look at the value of these box sets, and see if they are worth purchasing.  At £100/$170 each they are not a small investment.  I take a look at each set from a content and cost point of view with a cost comparison table at the end for easy reading.

With the release yesterday my social media was bombarded with all the hobbyists and their massive hauls of the new boxes.  You certainly can’t beat that new kit feeling and as hobbyists we tend to over indulge.  But is it a smart buy?  Let’s find out.

Currently there appears to be 10 Apocalypse Detachment Box Sets available which we will look at individually below.  The big losers that have been left out for some reason are Dark Eldar, Demons and Genestealer cults.  Other factions such as Harlequins and Grey Knights are not included either but their style of play doesn’t suit a massive scale game.  If they are involved, they would likely be a small allied force alongside Eldar or Space Marines so it makes sense.

Apocalypse Detachment Box Sets

Apocalypse Emblem

Space Marine Battalion Detachment

You need Marines? Good, because you are gonna’ get some Marines!  This box set is Infantry heavy with 30 Intercessors!  You have a Primaris Captain to lead your force and a Redemptor Dreadnought for some heavy support.  With that amount of infantry this is definitely an apocalypse detachment but at just over 500 points worth this is still a decent purchase for just bulking out your regular force.  It also allows you some room for mixing up weapon options and having WYSIWYG models with different bolters.  Primaris are more cost effective than regular marines with 2 wounds and decent weaponry so this is a good buy for any marine player.  The captain can’t be faulted and a redemptor dread is something any Primaris player should have.

Separate Cost – £167.50 saving £67.50 ($280 saving $110)

Adeptus Mechanicus Vanguard Detachment

This one is more focused and very different from the infantry heavy marine box.  It contains 6 Kastelan Robots (3 kits worth) in all their retro goodness (with 3 cybernetica datasmiths).  They are led by a Tech Priest Dominus which is a pretty standard HQ.  Having 6 of these bad boys is probably a little overkill for a standard game but its perfect for your larger 40K and Apocalypse games.  These units are popular in Mechanicus lists so this box is good investment.

Separate cost – £148 saving £48 ($243 saving $73)

Astra Militarum Spearhead Detachment

One of only 2 of the sets that are currently sold out at GW, but interestingly the one with the smallest saving.  This one is a heavy hitter with a Cadian Command Squad to lead the way, 3 Leman Russ tanks (one demolisher) and a heavy weapon squad.  The focus is on the tanks with this army in general so you can’t go wrong here.  Your command squad provides the leadership and some heavy weapons to add punch to an already punchy force.  With just a few boxes of troops and another HQ you will have yourself a decent guard army.  This is great as an addon for Apocalypse or to kick off your army.

Separate Cost – £132.50 saving £32.50 ($213 saving $43)

Imperial Knights Super-Heavy Detachment

This is the other sold out kit and it happens to have the second smallest saving.  The box contains a Castellan, which is £100 normally alone, and 2 Armiger Helverins.  You are basically getting the Helverins for free by buying the Knight in this box instead of it’s normal one.  This would explain why it is sold out, it is one of the clearest in terms of money saved.  Knights are also very popular and strong in the meta right now so if you were thinking about joining in then now is the time with this kit.  This one is as useful in 40K as Apocalypse and I imagine many of the people buying this aren’t doing so to use in an Apocalypse game.

Separate Cost – £145 saving £45 ($245 saving $75)

Chaos Space Marines Battalion Detachment

Following the Marine trend this box is infantry heavy but without any heavy support.  You get 30 Chaos Marines, 6 bikers and Lord in Terminator armour.  The new Chaos Marines are great models and gaming wise they differ from the Primaris in that they can take some heavy weapons, giving them some more utility.  Personally, I like the idea of the bikes, and although they are a little old it’s nice to have something a bit different rather than a straight reflection of the marine box.  The Lord in terminator armour is a good choice making this box are good addition for either Apocalypse or your 40K army.

Separate Cost – £162 saving £62 ($284.75 saving $114.75)

Price Breakdown

For easy reading I’ve included this table to see the box savings against buying all the included kits separately.

Faction Box Seperate Kit Cost (£) Saving(£) % Saving (£) Seperate Kit Cost ($) Saving ($) % Saving ($)
Astartes 167.5 67.5 40 280 110 39
Adeptus Mechanicus 148 48 32 243 73 30
Astra Militarum 132.5 32.5 24.5 213 43 20
Imperial Knights 145 45 31 245 75 31
Chaos Marines 162 62 38 284.75 114.75 40


All these Apocalypse Detachment Box Sets are fantastic value for money and almost a must buy for your chosen faction.  It will all depend on your current collection however, as if you have 50 Primaris you may not really need another 30.  I love to save money on hobby where possible so I would be more likely to build my force around these great value boxes where you are getting a lot more for your cash.  Another point to consider is that you can make even more savings buying from a 3rd party retailer.  Many here in the UK offer 20% off RRP giving you a ridiculous saving!  I think I may be picking some of these up myself…..



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