Beginning my Warhammer Journey

Whether brand new or an old hand we all started somewhere in the hobby.  This is an insight into the beginning my Warhammer journey and the tiny push it can start with.

Welcome all to the first ever post on Warhammered, where I let you know how my Warhammer journey began.  My name is Danny and if you are here then it is because, like myself, you have discovered the hobby and have been hooked by it.

And why wouldn’t we be?!  With such a rich background and awesome miniatures the material produced by Games Workshop has a dedicated following of hobbyists.  A following which appears to  to be going from strength to strength.  As a fan and casual hobbyist I can never grow bored of talking and reading about the Warhammer universe.

As a casual hobbyist I currently stick to the big two, 40K and AOS.  It’s hard to keep up at the moment with the sheer volume of releases from Games Workshop, I think you would need to partake  full time to try all the systems and games they are releasing.  I am keeping one eye on Killteam, however due to current levels of hobby hoarding it can’t be justified…quite yet.

The Beginning

But where did it all begin for me?  Well, a long time ago when I was around 11 or 12 years old I was introduced to the world of Warhammer by a couple of friends.  These small models of plastic and metal were awesome to my young eyes, although I must admit not much has changed.  My first trip to the Games Workshop store was exhilarating.  The cabinets of well painted armies in the windows showing the models in all their glory!  The walls inside covered in boxes and blister packs (I did say it was a long time ago remember) of all sorts of men, elves and monsters, to me it was the best shop in the world.

But which army to pick?  Warhammer Fantasy was my poison of choice, the setting appealed to me more and it matched my friends collections.  They collected High Elves and Wood Elves respectively which left an obvious choice for me….the Dark Elves.  Not only are they the coolest looking army by far with awesome lore but they are also the best, I’m pretty sure that’s a fact….

Dark Elf Warriors Box
Dark Elf Warriors

With a couple of boxes of warriors (now known as Dreadspears and Darkshards) and the starter box for 6th Edition I was off.  I soon followed up by adding some Corsairs.  Little did I know, but I had just been Warhammered.

Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition Starter Box
6th Edition Starter Box for Warhammer Fantasy

New to the universe?  Check it out at



Fan of the Warhammer and 40K hobby. Back into it for the last three years after a long break.

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