Black Library Audiobook for the win!

Today I listened to my first ever Black Library audiobook and wow, was I impressed.  It’s been a long long time since I listened to an audiobook.  So long in fact that I listened to it on a cassette player.

For any that do not know, Black Library is the publishing arm of Games Workshop, releasing novels and short stories based in the Warhammer universes.  They are one of my favourite and, in my opinion possibly the most important aspects of the hobby.

The Story

The audiobook I refer to was Bloodspire, a short story by C.Z. Dunn.  The story centred around the Blood Angels assaulting a rebellious Hive city on the planet of Axonar.  It wasn’t the story itself that impressed me, it was good but there are better ones to be read.  It was the method of delivery that made it so much more captivating.  Not only is the voice acting great, but the sound effects add so much to the experience.

Bloodspire Audiobook Cover

In addition to the constant, stirring, very Space Marine-esque music in the background, there is also gunfire, explosions and footsteps.  All this makes it so much more immersive.  Being able to hear a space marine running with bolter and autocannon rounds going off around him is much more exciting than reading it.  I particularly liked the quiet ‘shing’ as a scout unsheathed his combat knife during the story.

I often find a good book or game gives me a little more motivation to paint, the stories bringing life to the small plastic soldiers on shelf.  Moreover, these books are great companion to painting sessions.  Not only does it allow you to focus entirely on your painting in comparison to trying to watch something, but some of the books are so good you will be eagerly anticipating your next session.  It’s definitely something I’ll be doing from now on, in fact, I’ve already started the next audiobook in my collection.

If you have any audiobook recommendations let us know below.  There are plenty to choose from so it can be a little daunting for initiates.

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