Community Links

There is a lot of content available online in respects to the Warhammer hobby.  Here I list some of my favourites.


Tabletop Tactics – Great quality 40K battle reports and the odd list review/book review.  Can be pretty funny to watch too, the guys seem to have a good laugh.  They also have a website and a subscription option for more content.

Guerilla Miniature Games – Ash is a busy man, not only doing battle reports for 40K, AOS, Necromunda and the Horus Heresy but covering lots of other miniature games as well.  Posts content six days a week with reviews and chat sessions too.

Miniwargaming – Lots of battle reports , primarily AOS and 40K based with the odd fantasy one here and there.  They do some cool narrative games and reviews as well as chat sessions.  They also have a website with the option of a subscription to access more content.

Tabletop Minions – Uncle Atom talks hobby on this channel.  Lots of hobby tips and general mini wargaming banter, definitely worth a look.

2+ Tough – Age of Sigmar lore, great to get caught up and breathes some life into the game


The Independent Characters – A 40K based podcast, the guys talk about all aspects of the hobby.  I particularly like their show of force episodes where they delve into the background of each faction, models and performance in the game.  But be warned, the result is usually that you want to collect that army.