Rogue Trader: A great expansion and a nod to Legacy

The release of Rogue Trader for Killteam is a positive and confident step from GW.  It’s great to see the consistent support for the game and as usual I’m surprised by the rate of releases.  I’m a fan of Killteam as it stands, having played it in 7th edition.  I intend to pick up the current iterations box set but have a few things to get through on my painting table beforehand.

But why so much praise for this release?  Apart from being happy to see the support, this set adds several things to the game.  You will notice the terrain included is very different, this is because the setting for this expansion is onboard a ship.  With doors and hallways to navigate the game will play very differently.  I can see players that like getting up close and personal in melee enjoying the shift in environment.  It reminds me of Space Hulk a little, except now you can go any faction.

Rogue Trader Box

Not only is there a new setting, but also new models.  The Gellerpox Infected are Nurgle tainted zombie-esque crew.  As with all the recent Nurgle releases the sculpts are excellent and repugnant in equal measure.  The Elucidian Starstriders however are more to my taste.  So full of character you can feel the story taking place just by looking at them.

One of the best aspects of this is that it is new.  Not just the usual models in a different setting but brand-new material to add to it.  The Starstriders also have their own style, unlike anything currently available.  Killteam was already very accessible, being able to use your current models is excellent but this addition adds a bit of character to the game.  In the theme of accessibility, you can also use these models in regular 40K, bonus!

Rogue Trader Models

The nod to the history of 40K is a nice touch.  It adds a little nostalgia and credibility but also makes a lot of sense.  There is so much rich history and lore then why not bring it to life.  If you are looking for a different Killteam experience and want to see those chainaxes put to good use this is a great expansion.  Some cool new models and terrain are always a good investment.

What do you think, worth buying?  Already had a go?  Let us know how your experience went with it.


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