Sanguinius: The Model Revealed

Just over a week ago we were shown the newest addition to the Primarch range, Sanguinius, the leader of the Blood Angels.  As of yet I haven’t seen much in the way of response to this model except from Kirioth. He wasn’t too keen at first and then seemed to change his mind.  There is no harm in that, I often find that models can grow on you over time.  The model itself is shown below, lets have a look for ourselves.

My Verdict

I saw this model last week and waited a little to let it settle but looking at it again now…I just don’t like it.  I’m not sure if it’s the angle of the camera but his legs just don’t look right and I can’t shake that feeling that it’s off somehow.  There may actually be a bit too much gold for me, I feel a lot of the detail is lost in it but that is his colours so there is no helping that.  The wings are awesome though.

It definitely looks much better with the full scenic base, but that may just be because his legs are now partially hidden. It isn’t very often something comes out from GW or FW and I just don’t like it, but with the amount of material being released it was bound to happen eventually.  There is no doubt that it is still a very impressive model, especially with the scenic base. However, for me it is easily the worst of the Primarch range so far. 

Some of those models are absolutely phenomenal.  I am not a 30K player, despite Betrayal at Calth sitting on my shelf for 2 years. Unfortunately I can’t decide which legions to paint them as. However, I would definitely look at investing in some of the Primarch models.  With the scenic base options they are clearly intended as a collectors item and not just a gaming model, which is great.  To a big fan of the lore and general Space Marine fan one of these models is almost a must have, just not Sanguinius (for me anyway, sorry Blood Angel fans)


To give you some perspective on my thinking, I recently came across this Archangel model from Scribor Miniatures thanks to The Outer Circle.

It is a smaller model, but in my opinion looks so much better than Sanguinius.  As soon as I saw it I had to hold myself back from buying it.  Imagine what FW could have done with the Blood Angels Primarch if he didn’t have that strange pose, it would have been spectacular.  If you like it, great, but I feel it is a bit of a missed opportunity and could have been one the greatest.



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