Warhammer Art: A different side of GW

Anyone keeping track of the Warhammer Community page will have no doubt seen the post on Warhammer Art.  It’s a bit of a sidestep from what we have come to expect and it even mentions Christmas!  It’s only October, calm down.

It eventually became apparent why this post referred to Christmas. It’s because most people could only buy something like this as a special treat due to the prices being asked for it.  Now, this isn’t new from GW, we are used to Warhammer being a pricey hobby but this is just a picture.  Then again, there are some pretty cool pictures…damn you GW.

The Breakdown

Starting at £34.99 (not sure if they are available worldwide) you will receive your chosen image on a 450mm x 300mm 308gsm 100% cotton archival matte paper.  Not 100% what that means but it sounds fancy.  At the opposite end of the spectrum we have a 900mm x 600mm aluminium print which sounds like a fair process to create.  A combo of 75yr rated satin paper, diamond polished acrylic sheet, 3mm brushed aluminium and several trips through a heated high-pressure roller.  All this results in a steep £299.99 product but you can get the small size for £119.99.

They have certainly done well in offering a range of mounting mediums and sizes allowing you to adjust your choice to any budget.  And from what is on display the quality of the items cannot be overlooked.  Everything looks to be produced to high specification and the limited-edition nature does make it a little more exciting.

Warhammer Sisters of Battle

The art itself is phenomenal.  These images have been bringing  life to the worlds of Warhammer for decades.  Many you will recognise as codex covers but there are so many options there will no doubt be new ones as well.  I can see the appeal of owning something like this, it’s just a little too pricey for me.  Check it out for yourself here.

Warhammer Malign Portents

Ultimately I think anything that adds the hobby is great, even if it isn’t for all of us.  I’ll stick to my posters for now.



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