Warhammer Monopoly…Really?!

Do my eyes deceive me?  Warhammer is finally joining the illustrious ranks of the many intellectual properties that have their own version of Monopoly.  I would think it was a joke if it was April but it seems to true.  Warhammer Monopoly seems to me to be as useful as citadel water.

I honestly thought this was a wind up so made a point of ignoring it for a while.  The number of versions of Monopoly currently available is already ridiculous, how many can anyone have?!  Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan of this release.  It isn’t something I would have expected to come out of Games Workshop, it’s almost too…mainstream.

But should we be surprised?  There has been a concerted effort recently to make all the games created by GW much more accessible.  The amount of content being released is substantial, from computer and mobile games to specialist games.  There have never been more options for you to dive into the Warhammer universe in the way you would like to.  Most, if not all fans of the main game often like to play something different every now and then.

40K Monopoly Board

As with all novelty versions of the game they just change the names of the spaces on the board and the cards.  It’s basically a reskin.  I must admit the new tokens that come with it are pretty nice looking.  I suppose that’s the miniature fan in me, always appreciate a good sculpt.

40K monopoly Tokens

So where does that leave us?

I’m still not too keen but perhaps this isn’t to be thought of as negatively as I first thought.  Maybe this is more a sign of how far Warhammer 40K has come.  Not only more open to new avenues but also popular enough to have something like this made for it.  There will be fan base for this, and the relatively low cost will make it a common gift idea I would imagine.  My Pokemon Monopoly is looking at me from the shelf at the moment.  A gift from last christmas but one I am quite happy with.  It has great miniatures after all.



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